Flip-flops can cause serious health problems and even alter the way you walk

The hard skin has been buffed off, the toenails trimmed - and maybe even treated to a lick of nail polish.
After being in hibernation over the winter months, the UK has been tentatively getting its feet out over the summer , often in flip-flops.
Flip-flops are easy and comfortable to wear but there's concern about us putting our health at risk by wearing them.
The main issue seems to be the lack of support flip-flops provide.
Specifically, there's no support for the arches and heels. We also have a habit of tensing our toes when we wear them to keep them
Dr Camilla Long works at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, shared some of the issues patients come to her with as a result of wearing flip-flops to Mail Online
These are shin splints, Achilles tendon issues and pain in the back.
Wearing flip-flops can also cause us to alter how we walk, which in turn leads to more back pain.