If You Were Given The Opportunity To Improve Or Change Just 1 Thing In Nigeria, What Would You Do?

Hello Guys,
With how the state of the country has over the years gradually dwindled in almost every aspect, we have come to see complaints and curses directed towards the supposed leaders of the country as a norm with little or nothing being done to rectify the situations.
Yes, we have had protests, social media banters, debates and the likes to correct the ills of the country with a few proving effective one minute and the next crumbling a pack of wet cards, but the ills and evils of the country remains on a daily affecting the every day lives of its citizen.
We all insulted the Past & Present President of the Country because of the Poor state of the Country as if we would have done better if we are to be in their shoes. Now we’ve a Question for you.
So here is our question ⇒ If You Had The Opportunity To Change One, Just One Thing In The Country Today, What Would It Be?
We want to hear from you.
Drop your comments.